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“What Should I Wear at a Fashion Interview?”

“What Should I Wear at a Fashion Interview?”
“What Should I Wear at a Fashion Interview?”

“What should I wear for my interview if I am in the fashion Industry?” This one of the most common question asked when someone is preparing a fashion interview.
Well the first question we should ask ourselves is, “What is Fashion?” Fashion may have a lot of meaning to certain people. Fashion refers to a distinctive trend in the style with which a person dresses, and it could also be considered as work of art, in the sense that with art one has to understand colors, how they are put together to give the eyes a nice flow.
Fashion is totally different from law and pharmacy there for if you are in the fashion Industry shows that you’re a fashionista yet, still looking professional. Like I said before fashion is a trend or style. Before going for your interview you first need to research the company that you are going to be interviewing for and try and dress the part. I know Talbot’s is into the classic look yet fashion forward and Lilly Pulitzer is into the colorful bright colors. So dress the part because you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.


Talbot’s look for an Interview. Classy and fashion forward.
Lilly Pultizer look for an interview. Fun, bright, and classy





  1. Kuku, now a days a common suit is not so common anymore. People have extended the boundaries and are adding a pop of color into the boring business and professional attire. There are suit jackets in every color, every material, and for every season. Use what we have learned in textiles to help you figure out what is appropriate for the time and season of your interview. For example if it is an interview during winter, use your wool suits and pants. If its for a summer interview stick to cotton and linen suits. You can always update a boring suit with a new trendy scarf or top. Also remember to always accessorize! Do not go over board but try a cute pair of earrings or a new hair do to pull the look together. You will be fine! Hope my advice was useful.

  2. I agree that before going on the interview you should research the company and understand the company's culture. I also think that the question you should ask yourself is deeper than just, "What is fashion?". The Question should be, "What is Fashion to ME, How will I be able to express myself, my fashion, and my overall personality while carrying out a professional interview demeanor?

  3. It's always important to look into what the latest trends are in the field you are interviewing at but it is also good to look professional and modest above all else. Always wear the right length skirts and shirts that aren't cut too low. Modesty is always the best policy in what to wear for interviews. And you can always look trendy while being modest. It just takes the right accessorizing and effort.

  4. I like the fact that you suggested researching the company you are interviewing with before actually going on the interview. It kind of gives you a feel of what type of company it is and gives you an idea of what kind of outfit you should wear. I used to work at Aldo Shoes and I know for myself before I went on my interview there I actually went in the store like 2 weeks before and kind of looked at the employee's to see what they had on. You cant really do that if your working in an office type setting but I found that doing that was very helpful and I think it got me the job!

  5. I am so glad that you mentioned researching the company you are interviewing with. First and foremost, this is important so that you can prepare for the actual interview and be knowledgeable about the company as a whole. Second, it is important to understand the culture of the company so that you know how to dress going in for the interview. Company's outside the fashion industry, and stores that are not necessarily as fashion forward are probably looking for a traditional suit, while trendier companies are probably looking for people who know how to express their personal style. I think if there is a question however, it is better to be on the side of caution and dress more on the traditional side. You can still definitely express your style through a really great bag (avoiding in-your-face designer logos of course) or statement jewelry.

  6. Oh yes!!! researching the company is an important thing for real. I will have to agree with you Claudia. You wnat to know if the are more on the conservetive side or not, so you can dress appropriately.

  7. Since we're in the Fashion world we really do need to keep up with the fashion trends. Thats a good point you have brought up Jade.

  8. Gloria I totally agree with you on the accesorizing part. I also see it in you. sometimes you could be wearing a simple top, but as soon as you wear a scarf, belt and and hair pin, you already look wow!!!

  9. mmmmmm you've brought up a good pint that I had never thought of. Going to the store and actually seeing how the empoyees dress is important because it gives you a full vision on how to dress for the company.

  10. Oh yeah!!! Even if you have to wear a tradional suit for your interview you can still spice it up with a statement bag or jewelry, to express your style.