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A Pop of Color

A Pop of Color
I wanted to create an image that would put me in the mood for summer. I first found a model image of a girl who looks like she’s having fun and on the move. I then found an abstract color photo which I could then overlay over the model. I knew I wanted more pops of color, so I found a paint splatter image as well that would work.
I then created a layer with the paint splatter and the abstract color images over the model. I repeated the overlay two times to add more color. To get the look I wanted, I needed to change the blend mood to color burn, which gave it the vivid, neon colors.
The image came out exactly how I was planning, and it is definitely getting me excited for summer!


One Comment

  1. This is fabulous! You always surprise me when you post blogs! I really enjoy reading your posts! It gives me motivation to design stuff too! This picture really puts me in the mood for summer! Thanks for sharing!!