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“I took advantage of all the opportunities Immaculata offered; I had fun, made great connections, and never lost sight of my overall goal to work in the fashion industry.  I was able to earn credit while studying abroad and had two amazing internships in the industry which led me to my current position.”

Scott Sarles 2013, Product Development Specialist for Urban Outfitters


“My years at Immaculata were filled with laughter and enrichment.  The camaraderie that we shared with fellow students and staff alike allowed me to cultivate a true love for learning there. The drive, determination, and passion that the fashion program instilled in me allowed me to set my sights high, but most importantly, I gained the knowledge of how to achieve them. I look back on those years fondly.”

Tina Hansell Corrado 2003, Owner of Posh Boutique


“My education at Immaculata University was key in shaping my development to enter the professional world. Their focus on a well-rounded curriculum that included history, language, and mathematics, in addition to the courses specific to my field of study, gave me a strong foundation that I could build upon after graduation. The small class size allowed me to build better partnerships with my educators; outside of the classroom, the smaller size of the school gave me the confidence to lead and participate in activities that I might not have had in a larger setting. In particular, the fashion marketing curriculum included a balance of both the abstract (interior design, pattern making) and the concrete (international business, buying principles and practices) to prepare me for wherever my degree might take me. Also, my senior year internship provided me with real-life working experience that  prepared me for a position (with the same company), which I was promoted into several months after graduating.”

Holly Duarte, 1996, Group Manager at Bloomingdale’s