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An Independent Designer’s Struggles

An Independent Designer’s Struggles

Independent Designers have many struggles when they first start designing.  Contrary to popular belief designing isn’t always a glamorous business.  There are many ways that designers struggle but I believe they have 3 main struggles that are crucial to the success of their company.



Many designers just starting will finance their company on their own.  This is not smart because if the company doesn’t do well, then the designer’s estate will be at risk.  The smarter way to handle this is to get investors to invest money in the company.  This is safer because if the company fails the designer is not losing everything they own.




Supplies are a struggle for designers for many reasons.  For a financial reason, supplies can be expensive and costly.  Sewing machines are necessary but also extremely costly.  Unless a designer can find a factory to work with or a studio that comes with machines, they should prepare themselves for the investment in an industrial machine.  Fabric and thread can not only be pricey but can also be hard to find.  Sometimes these items are shipped across country, this means that it is not only expensive but time consuming.   The cost and time that are lost finding supplies is definitely a struggle for designers who manufacture all their products by hand.



Selling is another struggle for all independent designers.  Will the customers like the product?  For newer designers this problem is increased because they have really no customer following.  They need to identify a specific target market so that they can create a following.  With a following, the struggle of selling product is lessened.  Sometimes designers who do not have investors also feel the tension to sell because they know if they don’t, they will lose their money, personal items, and possibly their homes.