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Are you Tired of Shopping Alone?

Are you Tired of Shopping Alone?

Are you tired of shopping by your lonesome?

If the answer to this question is YES!

Become a member of

OpenSky is an enjoyable way to shop and find unique items with friends whenever and wherever.

So how does OpenSky work?

Sign up to become a member, which is FREE!

You can find, connect, and shop with friends and industry insiders.

Get familiarized with artisanal stores that match your style.

Members can share with others what items they enjoy.

The more you connect, the more you discover.

You can purchase what you love!

And the best part of it all…


A member can earn OpenSky credits which are based on your reward level where you can reduce the price of a product up to 20%!

Join OpenSky and never shop by your lonesome again!