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Jazzing Up a Jewelry Display

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Some of the most difficult items to display are the smallest items. Jewelry can be tricky to display because it is easy for it to get lost among the other merchandise and it is a challenge to keep at eye level. Here are three quick and easy tricks to making your jewelry display sparkle. 1. Masking When putting small merchandise in a large window, it can easily be swamped by negative space. In this case, the best way to eliminate the empty areas is to place some sort of mask against the window. This can be done by placing paint, paper, vinyl, or some other opaque substance covering the window, except for the area in which the jewelry sits. This brings the consumer’s eye directly to what you are trying to show them. 2. Shutters On many buildings today,...

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A Room with a View

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This was one of my favorite windows from my trip to NYC.  I think it is classy and elegant.  I love how they used curtains to give the room an asymmetrical balance.  They have the curtain and all of the picture frames on one side, and then most of the girls on the other to complement it.  It feels like the girls are just hanging out in a room looking out onto the shoppers on the busy New York street.  I even like the color scheme here; in other displays I have criticized the use of too much white, but here I think it works because the focus is on the clothes.  I also think the white works because it is not a flat white wall; there are different textures; and the floor is not white....

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Anthropologie Display

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I really enjoyed this window.  I think it does a great job at showing off the products as well as the store’s image.  I was an intern at the Anthropologie store in Glen Mills last semester so I enjoyed taking the time to look at a different location’s work. The fact that the pieces are all handmade and unique to the individual store really adds to the effectiveness of the display.  I also really like how they separated the window from the store by using cloth banners and natural wood beams. I did think that the third window was a little bare, however.  Compared to the other two it has less hanging pieces and only one dress form.  I don’t know if the window is still in the installation process, but I thought it looked incomplete and slightly vacant....

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South Moon Under

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After looking at tons of NYC windows displays, this one doesn’t quite seem to compare…but it is still effective and interesting!  They captured many spring styles such as black and white color schemes, peplum tops, and bright pops of color.  I like that they created the flowers (from what seems to be tissue paper) and I like the effective use of space.  My only suggestion would be to do something with the plain white background.  I think that by doing this, everything in the display will tie together better and will really pop.  Maybe a colored banner or a banner with a graphic on it would do the trick.  I think this window has the potential to be great with just a little...

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An NYC VM in Action

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While wandering the streets of New York City in awe of all the beautiful displays and clothing, we saw a visual merchandiser in action at Diesel.  The man was applying vinyl to the window, something we learned how to do in our visual merchandising class this semester.  It was so cool to see someone actually working on a display!  I wanted to ask him some questions about his work, but he was on his cell phone the whole time, plus I don’t have the nerve!! Maybe next...

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