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The Making of Menswear

Posted by on Apr 28, 2013 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Making of Menswear

Bergdorf Goodman’s menswear display was whimsical and fun–I absolutely loved it!  It shows forms making clothes for other forms.  It is creative and cute while keeping a sophisticated feel at the same time.  One of my favorite aspects of this display is the oversized sewing notions in each window.  I also like the large pattern pieces hanging in the back!  I think this is such a great idea and it came out...

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Saks 5th Ave.

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Saks 5th Ave had very interesting and different window displays.  The windows in the front of the store showed wedding dresses and scenes that went along with them, while the side windows featured contemporary daytime clothes in a scene resembling a life-sized game of pick-up sticks. They are very interesting and the bank of windows really coordinate well with each other.  I love how although each window uses the large sticks in the same way, they are all different!  My only concern with this store’s display is that these windows do not coordinate with the wedding ones whatsoever.  While both concepts are great, it may have been more effective to keep the same theme in all the windows rather than splitting them in...

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Fine and Fun Jewelry Display

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The Lord and Taylor in NYC had a great bank of windows displaying their fine jewelry.  They had two large windows that they masked to make six small ones.  Each one showed a small mannequin holding a necklace or another piece of jewelry.  It looked great, and I know it caught my eye!  The colors in the background really made it stand out and tied them together into two groups.  This is both a creative and fun way to display fine...

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Children’s Play

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On a recent trip to the mall I saw a window that really stood out.  It was at Gap Kids, and I thought the whole idea and the execution were right on point. From a technical standpoint, the display fills up the space effectively and it is very professionally done. On a creative note,  I love how it looks like a children’s play come to life.  It looks homemade, but in a good way.  If I was shopping for children’s clothes, this would be one store I would definitely stop in to.  I wonder if the visuals team at Gap created this display in-store or if corporate sent them the supplies and they just put them up.  Either way it is a job well...

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Small Town vs. Big City

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Some of the stores I saw in NYC are also local, which got me thinking: how different are the displays in NYC from the ones in our area?  I chose to look at H&M for this.  H&M has stores all over the world and is extremely popular with young adults. These two windows are from the H&M in the Exton Square Mall.  The first  is not very interesting.  The mannequins are all standing on the same level on a white floor in front of a white wall. And the graphic in the background is much too small for this large window.  The Second Exton Mall window is much better!  The children are standing on different lifts and have large kites to add interest to the display.  The background is covered better, with two large banners that more effectively set...

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