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An Independent Designer’s Struggles

Posted by on Dec 11, 2013 in designer, Uncategorized | Comments Off on An Independent Designer’s Struggles

Independent Designers have many struggles when they first start designing.  Contrary to popular belief designing isn’t always a glamorous business.  There are many ways that designers struggle but I believe they have 3 main struggles that are crucial to the success of their company.   Finances Many designers just starting will finance their company on their own.  This is not smart because if the company doesn’t do well, then the designer’s estate will be at risk.  The smarter way to handle this is to get investors to invest money in the company.  This is safer because if the company fails the designer is not losing everything they own.     Supplies Supplies are a struggle for designers for many reasons.  For a financial reason, supplies can be expensive and costly.  Sewing machines are necessary but also extremely costly.  Unless a...

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Fashion and Social Media

Posted by on Dec 11, 2013 in Business of Fashion, designer, internship | Comments Off on Fashion and Social Media

For years social media has been revolutionizing the way fashion brands advertise and communicate with their customers.   While new designers on the scene may think that it would be smart to penetrate the social media scene by being on all the platforms, this will not benefit the brand.  It is smarter for a brand to be on one or two sites rather than on 5 or more.  This is because then the content can be regulated and kept up to date.  When the brand is spread across all the sites, it is hard to update all the sites making it easier for one platform to be neglected.  I believe that there are two important social media platforms that all fashion brands should be on.         A platform based on all pictures is perfect for fashion...

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Independent Designers, Who are They?

Posted by on Dec 11, 2013 in designer, internship, Runway | Comments Off on Independent Designers, Who are They?

What is the difference between a designer like Chanel and an Independent Designer like Lobo Mau?  The most noticeable difference is that independent designers handle every aspect of creating a garment, from the concept to the store.  Designers like Chanel have expanded into Houses and have teams for production, design, selling, promoting, etc. Independent designers spend most of their time in their design studios.  Some designers have studios in their homes and others drive to their studio spaces.  In their design studios they will design, cut fabric and sew the garments.  The studio is literally where the magic happens. Independent designers are responsible for all of their supplies including fabric purchases.  They can buy their fabric on the roll at numerous fabric stores.  Mood, made popular by project runway, is an example of a place that designers can go to find...

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Networking Networking Networking!!

Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Business of Fashion, designer, internship | Comments Off on Networking Networking Networking!!

In the fashion industry networking is extremely important!  If you know the right people you can fast track your career significantly. How can you network?  It’s easy!  I suggest you do these three things! 1. Intern!  Internships are a great way to meet people in the industry.  Over the summer I interned with a designer in Philadelphia.  I feel that this opportunity has allowed me to expand my network of contacts.  I now am friends with the designer but I also got the opportunity to meet so many people in the industry.  I got to meet professionals at her place of work, her showroom, factories and any one who stopped by to visit.  One day during my internship a stylist from CBS stopped by to chat with her giving me the opportunity to meet her!     2.  Volunteer!  Any...

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Factory Production

Posted by on Oct 7, 2013 in designer, internship | Comments Off on Factory Production

In my opinion I believe that a few people really understand how much hard work goes into being an independent designer.  This summer I was privileged to work with the designer behind the company Lobo Mau.    As an independent designer, working with her really showed me the struggles and difficulties that a designer has to face daily.  She worked in a boutique with a number of other independent designers that were sharing the same situation.  I was shocked to learn that all of the independent designers manufactured their products in a studio or at their home, they did not use a factory.  During my internship, we took a business day to visit her showroom and a potential factory she was interested in doing business with.   Walking into the factory was such an awesome experience, the atmosphere was so different than...

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