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Wearable Technology!

Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in designer, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Wearable Technology!

On the latest episode of Rihanna’s new hit show ‘Styled to Rock”, the contestants were asked to create wearable technology using LED lights and they did not disappoint! The task was to create two cohesive outfits to be worn by electronic fashionistas, the Nervo sisters (Mim & Liv), who are known to be very looked up to for their fashion in the electronic music world. The must difficult part of this task for most of the designers were trying to make function and fashion meet, because who wants to wear a great outfit that is uncomfortable, when they could wear a great outfit that has a tremendous amount of comfort to it. Autumn and Adam reigned supreme on this team challenge and had the honor of creating outfits for the well-established dj duo in the electronic movement.    ...

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Giving the Royal Treatment Through Fashion!

Posted by on Nov 4, 2013 in designer, Trend | Comments Off on Giving the Royal Treatment Through Fashion!

The infatuation of all things royal made it’s debut when fashionista Kate Middleton and Prince William decided to marry. The infatuation doubled when Kate delivered their royal baby! The world has since taken on the word “royal” and made it a huge trend in fashion in a very chic way. From the gold embroidery being shown at Oscar de la Renta to Sophia Webster’s crown-topped peep shoes. The royal treatment is making it’s debut in a big way. Topping off the list of royalty is the debut of Katy Perry’s new fragrance “Killer Queen” which is also reigning supreme in the royal trend. Ever girl dreams of being a princess as a little girl, now we finally get to fulfill our dreams with the royal treatment trend.          ...

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Posted by on Oct 31, 2013 in color, Trend | Comments Off on Purse-onality!

Purses are a woman’s best friend, similar to a man and his dog! As women it is difficult for us to go anywhere without our purses because they hold so many of our everyday essentials that we can’t live without. Some of the different types of purses include satchels, totes, structured framed purses, and the hot over-sized clutch.  In the September issue of InStyle Magazine, the magazine did a poll on what the public thought to be the most popular types of purses  for the fall season. The Tote won with 39%, the satchel came in close at 33%, the structured frame came in at 20%, and the clutch closed off the poll with only 8%. My personal favorites are both the tote and the structured frame because it goes well with my personal, edgy style.      ...

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Military Chic Denim!

Posted by on Sep 26, 2013 in Trend | 1 comment

It’s time to tighten up your laces and put on your tough girl face on for this next trend.  This trend is camo jeans! This is a trend that I personally didn’t think was going to come back; however, by watching the runways and city style fashion, I was sadly mistaken. Camo jeans are probably the toughest trend of the fall season (literally).  The fashionista  must have a lot of edge to pull this look off.  You may want to wear camo jeans to give you an edgier look. To accomplish that, some items that you can pair with your fabulous camo jeans can include a faux leather motorcycle jacket, a pair of sneaker wedges or combat boots. You don’t want to wear camo jeans paired with a camo shirt, one or the other is the best route to...

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Grunge Revival

Posted by on Sep 9, 2013 in Trend | Comments Off on Grunge Revival

Grunge is making a huge comeback straight from the 90’s. So it is now time to dust off your flannel shirts, take your beanie hats out of storage, and slip on your baby doll dresses! Although Marc Jacobs may not have had the best luck with his grunge collection in Spring 1993 which resulted in him being fired from the house, that doesn’t mean we should fear grunge. Research, research, research to see what grunge looks are most suitable for you and take that risk. Because we all know the saying “Without risk, there is no reward!”               ...

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