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Philly Takes the Win

Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 in Business of Fashion, color, designer, fashion show, Runway | Comments Off on Philly Takes the Win

Dom Streaver is the first Philadelphian to win Project Runway in eight years and is the only African American to win.  Dom worked at the Philadelphia Zoo in high school and college where she attended Moore College of Art and Design, where she was an expert in textiles. At first, she wanted to be a marine biologist, but something about fashion had a hold on her.  Dom worked in animal care at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine, but she also set up a website and sold some items. Now after winning Project Runway, she has big plans.  She won $150,000 in cash to launch her collection and a 2014 Lexus IS 350.  At a New York Fashion Week presentation, Dom showed her garments made from prints drawn by hand, scanned into a computer, and Photoshop.  She’s designing a dress...

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Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 in Business of Fashion, designer | Comments Off on HyLo

HyLo Boutiques (from hyperlocal) promotes fashion made in Philadelphia with unique advertising approaches.  At HyLo’s studio, designers’ works are shown and creating deep-seated connections.  The company believes that customers will buy more if they are actually concerned with the business and its thriving.  Another belief coming from HyLo is the power of videos and their linking the consumer to the product.  The creative director Lendl Tellington states that words aren’t even needed for the videos because images are more effective.  The videos appeal to people’s emotions and draw the viewers in to want the product. HyLo also creates greater demand with scheduling appointments and offering private viewings for exhibitions. Not going away from its fashion roots, HyLo plans to partner in planning a restaurant.  This shows expansion and success.  The website is visual including pictures, videos, and stories to...

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Giving the Royal Treatment Through Fashion!

Posted by on Nov 4, 2013 in designer, Trend | Comments Off on Giving the Royal Treatment Through Fashion!

The infatuation of all things royal made it’s debut when fashionista Kate Middleton and Prince William decided to marry. The infatuation doubled when Kate delivered their royal baby! The world has since taken on the word “royal” and made it a huge trend in fashion in a very chic way. From the gold embroidery being shown at Oscar de la Renta to Sophia Webster’s crown-topped peep shoes. The royal treatment is making it’s debut in a big way. Topping off the list of royalty is the debut of Katy Perry’s new fragrance “Killer Queen” which is also reigning supreme in the royal trend. Ever girl dreams of being a princess as a little girl, now we finally get to fulfill our dreams with the royal treatment trend.          ...

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Factory Production

Posted by on Oct 7, 2013 in designer, internship | Comments Off on Factory Production

In my opinion I believe that a few people really understand how much hard work goes into being an independent designer.  This summer I was privileged to work with the designer behind the company Lobo Mau.    As an independent designer, working with her really showed me the struggles and difficulties that a designer has to face daily.  She worked in a boutique with a number of other independent designers that were sharing the same situation.  I was shocked to learn that all of the independent designers manufactured their products in a studio or at their home, they did not use a factory.  During my internship, we took a business day to visit her showroom and a potential factory she was interested in doing business with.   Walking into the factory was such an awesome experience, the atmosphere was so different than...

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Right Hand Girl: Day 1

Posted by on Jul 27, 2011 in designer, fashion show, internship | Comments Off on Right Hand Girl: Day 1

It was two months ago that I walked into the studio of a well know fashion designer and was introduced to her small but highly capable crew. It included 2 full time seamstress and the designer herself that took care of all the patter making and even some late night sewing. Once i got to the studio I got the feeling that it wasn’t gonna be a normal internship, that first day I became her right hand girl. instead of being asked to get coffee I was calling Mood Fabrics in NYC and ordering extra fabrics, instead of doing personal stuff for her or her staff she handed the reins of her upcoming fashion show over to me. That first day I had already scheduled three meetings to personally meet with the productions crew, the venue, and the people...

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