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The Importance of Knowing Target Markets

Posted by on Oct 16, 2014 in Business of Fashion, color, internship, Students | Comments Off on The Importance of Knowing Target Markets

I started my internship at the fabulous Nich Boutique in February 2014. Nich Boutique has two locations in Pennsylvania. They are in West Chester and Collegeville (I interned here). Nich Boutique is a hip, trendy, urban boutique that has been voted BEST OF PHILLY women’s boutique this year. Kristy Mak is the one and only owner of both locations, while she is primarily working at the Collegeville location. When thinking about fashion and business, the first thing that comes to my mind is the fashion part. I define fashion as what is trending in clothing, accessories, shoes, home décor, etc. But the business aspect is just as important. There are many different aspects in the fashion industry. There is sales, marketing, public relations, journalism, merchandising, wholesale, retail, and many more. No matter what side of the fashion industry you...

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Promoting to the Target Market

Posted by on Oct 16, 2014 in Business of Fashion, color, Events, internship, Students, Style, Trend, visual merchandising | Comments Off on Promoting to the Target Market

In my first blog, I talked about how important it is to know your target market. That is the first step to run a successful business. So once you’ve identified your target market, what’s next? The next step is to promote to your target market efficiently and effectively. When interning at Nich Boutique, I learned a couple ways to promote to the target market. Of course the way you promote to your customer depends on the type of the customer. We all know the way we are promoted to, social media! Our age group is constantly on our phones, checking Instagram and Facebook. We also make online purchases right on our phones. I know my favorite thing to do is follow my favorite stores on Instagram, so I can see all the new products they post. If I see...

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Buying Trip – My Perspective

Posted by on Oct 16, 2014 in Business of Fashion, Events, Facts, Fun Activites, internship, Items, Students | Comments Off on Buying Trip – My Perspective

During my internship I had the opportunity to take a trip to New York and attend two trade shows, Fame and the Intermezzo. It was a great experience. Depending on what side of the fashion industry you’re working in, the buying process is different. There are vendors who are the ones who sell the product to retailers. If a buyer works for a large company like Macy’s, then they could potentially be buying products for 400 stores. If a buyer works for a company like QVC, then they buy for only a specific department, such as footwear. If you are an owner of a small business, such as a boutique, then 9 times out of 10 you are the buyer. A buyer can purchase products through a vendor catalog, online, a one on one meeting with the vendor, or...

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December Graduates: Christina Federowski

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in internship, Student Spotlight, Students, Uncategorized | Comments Off on December Graduates: Christina Federowski

In December of 2013, Christina Federowski will be into entering into a new Chic style. She will be graduating from Immaculata University. Christina Federowski will be graduating with a Fashion Merchandising Degree with minors in Buying and Spanish Who is your favorite designer? Rebecca Minkoff What trends do you love? Statement jewelry (chunky pieces). Ponchos and over-sized sweaters. Closed toe heels and leather boots that lace-up in the back. And the cheetah print. Who are your style icons? My two all time favorites would be Aubrey Hepburn and Kate Middleton. How would you describe your personal style? Unique. I create my own style, I may follow trends but I put my own twist to them. I search for trendy pieces at an affordable price. What is your “Go-To” causal outfit? A pair of straight colored jeans, statement jewelry either...

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Advantages/Disadvantages of Owning Your Own Business

Posted by on Dec 11, 2013 in designer, Facts, internship | Comments Off on Advantages/Disadvantages of Owning Your Own Business

When planning on starting anew business there are a great deal of things to consider. Once you do, there can be many pros and cons. Below, discusses some of the advantgaes and disadvantages of being an entreprenuer. Advantages You are your own boss Leading others Forming strong relationships with customers/clients Gratification of accomplishing success and watching the business grow Disadvantages Risk of failure Long, long hours Risk of being sued Strict record keeping and attention to detail are a must While interning with Darci, I was able to experience what it’s like to own your own business. I saw the positive side of owning your own business when customers would come in and rave about how much they loved her and her products. However, I also saw the negative side when she would come in exhausted and stressed out....

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Fashion and Social Media

Posted by on Dec 11, 2013 in Business of Fashion, designer, internship | Comments Off on Fashion and Social Media

For years social media has been revolutionizing the way fashion brands advertise and communicate with their customers.   While new designers on the scene may think that it would be smart to penetrate the social media scene by being on all the platforms, this will not benefit the brand.  It is smarter for a brand to be on one or two sites rather than on 5 or more.  This is because then the content can be regulated and kept up to date.  When the brand is spread across all the sites, it is hard to update all the sites making it easier for one platform to be neglected.  I believe that there are two important social media platforms that all fashion brands should be on.         A platform based on all pictures is perfect for fashion...

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