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Street Chic

Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in Style, Trend | Comments Off on Street Chic

How do people make casual clothes look cute and trendy? Well, some people wear sweats and heels or t-shirts and chunky jewelry.  This captures people’s attention because it throws them off.  They are looking at you and are trying to figure out what message is being sent or how to define your style.  Make a statement by mixing fancy and laidback clothing!...

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Don’t Waste a Wrist

Posted by on Nov 13, 2014 in color, Events, Style | Comments Off on Don’t Waste a Wrist

A watch says who you are and about your role.  The following terms should be known about a watch: water resistant, quartz, complication, movement, and self-winding.  Water resistant does not mean jump into a pool; you should not go over 100 meters. Quartz is a movement regulated by the motion of a quartz crystal, and complication is something beyond telling time like a calendar.  Movement is how the watch is run, and self-winding means it is wound day-to-day. Your watch should always be in synch with the rest of your look.  For example if you want to look preppy, make sure your watch is preppy.  If you have a leather strap, match it to the color of your shoe.  For a black-tie-event, the watch should have a black leather strap and should not be flashy.  The main purpose is to tell...

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No More Squares

Posted by on Nov 10, 2014 in Style, Trend | Comments Off on No More Squares

Men’s shoes should be streamlined but not too thin.  The toe should be rounded but not too sharp.  The shoe should be masculine and stylish, and men should throw away their square-toe rubber lace...

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Promoting to the Target Market

Posted by on Oct 16, 2014 in Business of Fashion, color, Events, internship, Students, Style, Trend, visual merchandising | Comments Off on Promoting to the Target Market

In my first blog, I talked about how important it is to know your target market. That is the first step to run a successful business. So once you’ve identified your target market, what’s next? The next step is to promote to your target market efficiently and effectively. When interning at Nich Boutique, I learned a couple ways to promote to the target market. Of course the way you promote to your customer depends on the type of the customer. We all know the way we are promoted to, social media! Our age group is constantly on our phones, checking Instagram and Facebook. We also make online purchases right on our phones. I know my favorite thing to do is follow my favorite stores on Instagram, so I can see all the new products they post. If I see...

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Sneakers & Skirts

Posted by on Oct 6, 2014 in color, Pop culture, Style, Trend | Comments Off on Sneakers & Skirts

When you think of dressing up, skirts come to mind.  Usually girls will wear flats or heels with skirts with or without stockings depending upon the weather and occasion.  Recently there has been a switch, and more women are wearing sneakers with skirts.  This might seem like a taboo, but it can look cute and dresses the skirt down.  It gives it a more causal look and makes it easier to walk around the busy cities especially for women in a rush.  Some wear ankle socks to add pizzazz in between the skirt and sneakers.  These girls are being bold and stepping away from what we believe is...

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Main Line Fashion Show

Posted by on Oct 2, 2014 in Business of Fashion, color, Events, Fashion Merchandising Events, fashion show, Fun Activites, Music/Art, Runway, Students, Style, Trend | Comments Off on Main Line Fashion Show

From setting up the chairs to the models walking, the fashion show was a success! The Great Hall at Immaculata University was transformed into a glamorous scene with a red carpet at the entrance.  Earlier in the day the clothing was being hung on the racks, models were getting hair done, and magazines along with goodie bags were laid on the chairs for the guests.  Delicious food was available as everyone enjoyed the music and entered a chance to win the raffles.  When the show started, the gorgeous models were dressed in the beautiful garments from the various boutiques and shops.  Cameras were flashing, and music was bumping! Not only did everyone have fun, but they got to see new designs and...

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