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Trends in Ties

Posted by on Oct 25, 2013 in color, internship, texture, Trend | Comments Off on Trends in Ties

Ladies, did you ever hope certain men would learn how to dress? Or men, did you ever want someone to just give you fashion tips? Well while working at my internship, a new shipment of fall ties was delivered.  My job was labeling the ties based on their design and elegance.  Seeing all the different colors and patterns made me realize just how important ties truly are.  A tie is the first thing someone notices because of its texture or color that it adds, but it should complement the outfit rather than clashing with it.  It pulls everything together whether you are going to work or out to an event. There are many detials that go along with ties that people may not even think about.  The tip of the tie should be at the beltline, and the width should be...

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Color and Texture

Posted by on Mar 24, 2011 in color, texture, visual | Comments Off on Color and Texture

In Visual Merchandising class, we learned the importance of using color and texture in display. How it affects the consumer and how it represents the store’s overall image. Color influences your emotions when you don’t even realize it. The color wheel shows the relationship between primary colors, secondary colors, complimentary colors, etc. The three Primary Colors are: Red Blue Yellow Secondary colors are created by mixing primary colors together: Red + Blue= Purple Red + Yellow= Orange Blue + Yellow= Green Complementary Colors are colors that are opposite of each other, for example: Red and Green Yellow and Purple Blue and Orange Analogous Colors are colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. Analogous colors are great to put next to each other. Since they are so closely related, they often look pleasant next to each...

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