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Philly Fashion Week!

Posted by on Sep 16, 2014 in Events, fashion show, Fun Activites, Runway, Style, Trend | Comments Off on Philly Fashion Week!

          It’s that time of year again, Philly fashion week! In the next upcoming weeks Philly will be hosting some fashion events all over the city along with a few shows. Some include Phasion Phest’s 21st anniversary event on Wednesday, September 17th in the shops at Liberty Place at 7pm. Students will receive a discount off their tickets with valid IDs and to purchase those you can call or visit their website Some other fashion events that are happening is   –         Philadelphia Fashion Show from Italy/ September 19th 7pm-10pm   –         Sweetheart Pageant &Fashion Expo/ Saturday, September 20th 11am- 4pm   –         Von Alexandria S/S 2015 collection “Bird House” Fashion Show/ Sunday, September 21st 6:30pm-10pm in the Crane Arts building   –         Fashion Under the Shambles/ Tuesday, September 23rd 6pm-9pm   –         Fashion ROXX Beauty & Style...

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Pop of Color

Posted by on Apr 9, 2014 in color, Style, Trend | Comments Off on Pop of Color

Nowadays people want to get noticed instead of just blending in with the crowd. Navy and gray are the basic suit colors for a working man, and they are safe.  To add a pop of color can be difficult because you do not want to look like an eyesore.  To do it right, you should start with a muted version of the color for the suit.  If you want an even more subtle change, wear the navy or gray but add an eccentric tie.  People want someone that catches the eye, not just someone that looks like everyone...

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Real Men Wear Pink

Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in color, Style, Trend, visual | Comments Off on Real Men Wear Pink

It is false to think that pink is only for femininity.  The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston had an exhibit called “Think Pink” gave the story behind pink.  Centuries ago, men wore pink to express their masculinity as it was a derivative of red.  Red was a symbol of passion, fire, and strength.  Kings in the past wore pink and flowers because blue was seen as more delicate.  If men wear pink, they are representing masculinity throughout the...

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Coat x Cape

Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in Facts, Fashion 911, Style, Trend, visual | Comments Off on Coat x Cape

The coat as cape trend has most definitely been around for decades and reappeared when we started seeing celebrities like Kourtney Khardashian rocking it in Keeping up with the Khardashians  in 2012. There have been plenty of coats as capes since then. And because this is a longer winter, making your coats versatile by changing the way you wear them can make your wardrobe refreshing. Here are some examples of individuals rocking the coat as a cape. Tip: You may want to pin your coat to your shoulders to keep the coat in...

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5 Shoes You Want For the Spring

Posted by on Apr 1, 2014 in Fashion 911, Style, Trend | Comments Off on 5 Shoes You Want For the Spring

Shoes are just as important as clothing.   Here are some Spring 2014 shoe trends to keep your outfits looking put together. Comment and tell us which trend is your favorite! 1.Running Sneakers  2. Oxfords 3. The White Pump 4. Birkenstock Sandals   5. Knee High Gladiator...

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Bralet Over Shirt

Posted by on Apr 1, 2014 in Facts, Style, Trend | Comments Off on Bralet Over Shirt

Wearing a bralet can be extremely chancy-fitted and showing tons of skin. Some of us may not want to reveal that much about our frames but want to keep up with the bralet trend… Well guess what? I have pictures to show you diverse ways to wear the bralet and be more conservative. Layer the bralet over a sweater, t-shirt, cami, or dress and add your own personal flair.                    VOILA! You’re on trend and feeling...

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