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Coming to America

Coming to America
Coming to America

This is one of my favorite pictures from Africa Fashion Week (face book page). Today more and more African designers are being recognized in America and other western countries. African designers are coming up with modern African designs that can be worn everyday. As you can see here in this picture it shows a sophisticated African lady with hair her neatly pulled back and she’s in a mirror. At the back of the mirror you’ll notice Africa and now she is entering the city. To me this picture is saying “here we come with new designs, new looks, introducing to you Africa.”


  1. There is starting to be a recognition for a lot of foreign designers now. It's great to see that designers from Africa are on that list. African influence from culture and into fashion add breathtaking effects. The bead work, color, and all around designs pop in contrast to some of the other designs around the world.

  2. I love this picture! To me is says "Ready or not, here we come." I think it is great more and more designers from all over the world are starting to be noticed.

  3. This must be so great to see! African designs have been such an inspiration to new trends coming out. I love their bold colors that are often used. I feel these designs are always so full of life! Ive been seeing a lot in inspiration in jewelry lately! Hopefully we will be seeing more fashions like this one soon!

  4. I know and it's just getting me excited. What I also love about America is, they promote no name people and make them become soemthing.

  5. Lol, true, true.

  6. Bold colors is their thing, and I think that is what making them popular. It's almost like their Identinty.

  7. I really enjoy how the picture has so much meaning with out using any words. The lack of words goes well with the African culture, where their designs do not need words to describe them. The designs themselves speak what they want to be heard. It is refreshing to see such designs, especially from another country and culture.