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Dress for Success

Lisa and Darci have entrusted me this week with a new project. I got to write a press release, which I had never done before, promoting their collaboration with Dress for Success. Dress for Success is an international company that helps disadvantaged women get back into the work force. They give them free business attire and classes on writing a resume and interviewing. In a few weeks, they are opening a new branch in Carlisle, PA (which is actually where Darci and Lisa are from) and Kiss and Makeup is offering their services. They will be attending the event and giving makeup applications and donating some makeup as well. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend, but Lisa and Darci are really excited to help with such a great cause and in their home town too!


  1. I had to do one for Sonia, let's just say it was not easy! .. 3 hours and 10 editing later I finally had it done!

  2. darci and lisa told me about this not too long ago! i'm sure the press release will come out great!

  3. Very cool! Dress for sucess is such a great company.

  4. Seems like a great company, i'm glad they are helping out and donating some make-up. Darci and Lisa seem like really great people.

  5. good post i like dress for sucess
    -devan hunt

  6. Dress for Success is great. I have helped out with them in the past and have donated some clothes to the organization. Very great of Darci and Lisa to offer their services