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Fashion 911; 10 Fast Fixes to your Wardrobe

Fashion 911; 10 Fast Fixes to your Wardrobe

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

Get a run in your stockings on the way to work? Get deodorant stains on your clothes? Or have a spill on your shirt? If so, this blog will show you 10 ways to fix unfashionable wardrobe incidents.

                                                                         You Broke a Heel?

Swift fix: Grab some super glue! Try aligning the heel to its original position and apply the super glue also, make sure you add pressure for a couple minutes to make sure the heel stays.

Do you have more time? Try purchasing “Shoe Goo”. This product is permanent, waterproof and it even binds leather to leather.                                                                          Broken Heel

                                                                            Did a Button Fall Off?


Swift Fix: You can safety pin the area together depending on where the button was. This can also be a great fix for skirts and or pants.

Do you have more time? Invest in a “travel sewing kit” to keep in your desk at work.  Buttons tend to fall off, and sewing one back on just takes a couple minutes.

Button Up-Shirt


                                                                     Did You Scuff Your Shoes?

Swift Fix: This option depends on the shoe. For leather, you can scrub the scuffs away with a little amount of toothpaste. For patent leather shoes, petroleum jelly works well. On suede shoes, brushing an eraser in one direction gets rid of its scuffs. And for you canvas kicks, using some baking soda will make the scuffs disappear.

Do you have more time? “Kiwi Scuff Remover” is an excellent scuff remover, particularly for your leather shoes.

Scuff Shoes

                                                                  Do you Have Gum on Your Dress?

Swift Fix: The best way to get rid gum is to apply duct tape to the gum-covered area only and lift off. Some spritz of hairspray will harden the gum and make it easier to scrape off. You can use a sponge to apply rubbing alcohol that won’t stain or remove colors from the fabric.

Do you have more time? If you happen to be near a hardware store grab some “GOO Gone”, which is also used to removing Band-Aid and price tag stickers residue.

Gum on your dress

                                                                 Do You Have a Tear in Your Dress?

Swift Fix: To fix a rip temporally, pull the loose and ripped fabric through the other side (to the inside of the garment). Make sure you pull in all the small fibers and threads from the dress and then apply tape to the inside.

Do you have more time? For a permanent fix and on heavier fabrics, iron on a small patch (You can find these at your local Wal-Mart and on Amazon) on the inside.

A tore in your Shirt

                                                            Do you Have Deodorant on your clothes? 

Swift Fix: Rub the fabric against itself vigorously. The fibers from the fabric will remove most of the white mark, which is better than rubbing a towel or other piece of fabric against it. White vinegar also helps remove deodorant stains.

Do you have more time? Grab some “Braza Wipe Out” erasers. Use these on dry or get them slightly damp for proficient elimination.

Deodorant Stains

                                                                 Happen to Spill Something on Yourself?

Swift Fix: White vinegar can be used to eliminate almost ant stain including, coffee, wine, grease, sweat and ink. Saturate the stain with the vinegar let it soak for a few minutes and wash it out. Blotting Club Soda can get rid of blood and red wine stains.

Do you have more time? Invest in “Dryel on the Go” or “Tide to Go”. Both work well to get rid of spills.

                                                                       Do you have a Run in your Stocking?

Swift Fix: Clear nail polish is extremely well used when you get a run in your hose. The clear nail polish helps so the run doesn’t get bigger, just dab a little on the ends of the run.

Do you have more time? “Run Free” is a great alternative. It’s odorless, doesn’t stick, invisible, doesn’t get hard and holds up in the wash.

A run in Stockings

                                                                Did your Hem Come Undone?

Swift Fix: Double stick tape is a great solution to an undone hem line. Place a strip of tape on the hem, using the correct length of the rip and the fold the hem up and apply pressure. Also make sure to smooth the hem so that it’s sealed.

Do you have more time? Invest in “Fashion Tape” it’s better and stronger than double stick tape. Fashion tape can fix anything from a hem to a broken zipper, as well as keeping necklines and bra straps in place.

Dress Hem

                                                                     Do you have Pet Hair on your Clothing?

Swift Fix: Grab some wide tape, like duct tape, form it into a loop big enough to fit around your hand. Then blot the fabric to pick up the hair or lint.

Do you have more time? Invest in “Mini Washable Sticky Lint Remover”   it’s compact, washable and renewable and works well for lint and pet hair.

Pet Hair