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Fashionistos Inspiration

Fashionistos Inspiration

    Fashionistos strike again! On November 6, we had
the pleasure of photographing a few of the men on the basketball team and
interviewing them about who their favorite style inspirations were. Barry’s
male style inspirations were Meek and Carmelo Anthony


Tony’s style inspirations were Michael Jordan and David Beckham.


Mark’s style inspiration is Kevin Love.


Jerrod’s style inspirations were Paul George and Kobe Bryant.


Roy’s style inspirations were Jay-z and Drake.


Mike’s style inspirations are Pharrall and Dwayne Wade.


Indeed these interviews show that professional athletes and celebrities truly do have an impact on everyday people.  It was even more surprising to see that the boys do not only look up to the famous people for their success stories but also for their sense of style.