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H&M and e-commerce

Everyone who loves H&M the store, knows that for the longest time you could not make purchases on their site. You could only view current products. Many of their followers and fans were desperate to be able to buy things online.  Online shopping has been huge for the past decade. I am so shocked and surprised that it even took H&M this long to convert to e-commerce. The Swedish retailers must have had their reasons why they decided to venture out to the online world. Maybe, because so many retailers have had great success with online shopping! I think they will get so much more business now that the consumers don’t have to leave the comfort of their home. Some items that Elle editors have been splurging on include a fabulous “Imitation Leather skirt”. This skirt available at H&M is fabulous for work and play. They are pairing this fabulous skirt with a textured knit sweater for only $19.95.  Erin Toland, junior editor at Elle, says she is going for the rocker chick look. So she will be investing in a leather jacket, distressed denim, and a crop top. She purchased this look for less than $100.00. Check out the site and make some investments on the top fall picks from H&M.