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IU Students go to the Big City; New York City

IU Students go to the Big City; New York City

On October 17,th Immaculata University Fashion Merchandising students took an educational trip to New York City.

For most of the students this was their first encounter ever going to one of the fashion capitals of the world. This fun-filled trip consisted of two days and a night. These few days in the city gave the students knowledgeable insight to the fashion world. The students arrived in New York around 9:30am on the 17th and stayed at The Amsterdam Court Hotel the students departed on October 18th in the later evening.

Their days were filled with many fashion industry events. These events included an internship seminar with John Burke, from the Fashion Institute of technology at the Ripley-Grier Studios who talked to the students about believing in themselves and loving what they do. The fashionistas also attended an educational shopping trip in Soho. The educational shopping trip in Soho included visiting stores such as C. Wonder, All Saints, Uniqlo and Top Shop. The students were asked to fill out worksheets about these stores, which included questions like “What kind of store was it? What did their products consist of? And what were the stores price points? ”

The fashion students also went to Lifestyle Trimco, which is a full service manufacturer that produces mannequins, forms, decorative, paper mache and additional fashion-related products. Visiting lifestyle Trimco educated the students on how mannequin forms are such a major deal in the fashion industry and how they help tell a story with the garments.

Hitting up Tommy Hilfiger, High Line, and Marc Fisher Footwear- Pink & Pepper was also on the “To Do List”.

The students experienced the city lifestyle, which is fast-paced and full of energy. Most of the students never took a subway before, but by the end of the trip they became experts on how to take the city subway, as well as, how to know where they were in the big city.

Immaculata University fashion merchandising students also learned what goes into being in the fashion industry. This includes understanding how to get a business started and having a great work ethic which will take one far.

This New York trip not only educated the students about many companies that are related to fashion industry, but it also give the fashion students insight on what they may want to become once they graduate from Immaculata University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising.

The educational trip to New York City was the love and life of the fashion industry and provided excellent knowledge for the students to learn FASHION.