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J.T. Style Evolution

J.T. Style Evolution

Do you recall that famous group of young men that drove us all crazy…..??

I am speaking about NSYNC of course. Justin Timberlake’s music is not the only thing that has evolved through time–his style has, too. His first looks included oversized tweed jackets with matching paisley velvet trousers. This was definitely a boy band style.

His next memorable outfit matched with Britney Spears. Can you say “puppy love”? They both coordinated with lots of denim. It was all about tie-dyed denim, bedazzled denim, denim studs, and just DENIM!

He then decided to go for a sophisticated look during his performance at the MTV music awards. He wore an oversized suit with leather cuffs. He accessorized with a fedora and sneakers. This would prove to be his signature look. In 2004 he was seen in a suit again. Of course he could not do without his sneakers. Under his suit he wore a salmon shirt. The boy is not scared of color, that’s for sure.

In 2007 we began to see a whole different side of J.T. He looked very grown up. He wore a Prada silver suit at the Grammy’s. He looked very modern and sophisticated. J.T. knows how to make a fashion statement, for sure. He still believes in comfort and is casual. I feel that we will be seeing more of this grown up Justin in the future.

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  1. I can not believe how much his style has changed! I always find it funny when we look back at old photos and see what we were wearing… Of course back than we thought it was to die for… now were like what on earth was I thinking. However, the look JT has going on know im all for! Its classic.