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Jazzing Up a Jewelry Display

Jazzing Up a Jewelry Display

Some of the most difficult items to display are the smallest items. Jewelry can be tricky to display because it is easy for it to get lost among the other merchandise and it is a challenge to keep at eye level. Here are three quick and easy tricks to making your jewelry display sparkle.

1. Masking

When putting small merchandise in a large window, it can easily be swamped by negative space. In this case, the best way to eliminate the empty areas is to place some sort of mask against the window. This can be done by placing paint, paper, vinyl, or some other opaque substance covering the window, except for the area in which the jewelry sits. This brings the consumer’s eye directly to what you are trying to show them.

2. Shutters

On many buildings today, shutters are used exclusively for decoration. However, in the case of jewelry display, the real deal is a great way to put these accessories front and center. Finding real shutters at a good price can be challenging, but they can be found used at consignment shops and online. Once you have found your shutters, you can leave them with the finish they have or paint/stain them to whatever color you want. Then, simply hang some earrings from the slats and stick some rings between them. This display is beautiful and it’s a fun way to recycle.

3. Screens

Door and window screens can be another fun way to recycle in your visual displays. Cut a piece of screen to the size of a large picture frame and nail or staple it in. The frame can then be hung on the wall or placed on a surface in a display. Then earrings can be stuck through the holes in the screen. In addition, if you put a piece of cork board behind the screen in the frame, it can be used to display other types of jewelry. Decorative push pins can be pushed through the screen into the cork to hang necklaces, bracelets, and rings from.

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