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Laundry Care Symbols

Laundry Care Symbols

As we are shopping and find a garment that we are completely in love with the last thing we are looking at are the laundry care symbols. The only time we actually look at the tag is after we have already worn it and it is time to throw it in the washer. Then once we look at it there are no words, just symbols. Trying to figure out how to wash a garment is like trying to read hieroglyphics. No need to go find an expert in hieroglyphics to help you wash your favorite shirt, I am going to break it down for you!
First, we are going to look at washing. This step has the most confusing symbols with the most options.

Second, lets take a look at whether or not to add bleach to the wash.
If you take the time to actually iron your clothes, these next symbols are for you! 
Once you clothes come out of the washer we play the guessing game of whether or not we pop this particular garment in the dryer. Well, no fear this code has been cracked for you! 
Lastly, if your favorite garment has the open circle symbol you can forgo the previous steps and stick that garment right back in your closet until you find the time to take it to a dry cleaner. 
There you have it! The secret language of laundry care has been explained! Maybe now we can avoid damaging, shrinking or dying our clothing in the washer and dryer. 

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  1. Not that I actually follow the care instructions most of the time, but on the rare occasion that I do, I always have to Google what the symbols mean. Maybe I should actually study these. They are really important to preserving a good piece of clothing, but they tend to be overlooked because it just takes too much work. Thanks for the breakdown!