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Mighty Macs First Game

Mighty Macs First Game

On November 21st the Mighty Macs male basketball team had their first basketball game for the season playing Penn state Burks. Besides knowing how to dress, the boys’ basketball team also knows how to play, winning their first game 78-70. These boys played their hearts out, and all those practices paid off in the long run. Good Job boys! This is just the start of their season. They still have many more games to endure from December to February.

However the boy’s game was not the only highlight of that night, but the Double S team’s performance was another focus of the game, and they killed their performance. Performing to Ciara’s hit song “I’m Out” featuring Nikki Minaj the girls did an amazing job with their dance which was sexy hip hop dance choreographed by Christine Smith. The Double S team is one of two dance teams here at Immaculata University and primarily focus’ on Hip Hop, Jazz and fast pace dances and perform at local shows in the community and on campus, but also perform at the basketball games.

Overall the first game of the season was a big event not only for the students at Immacualta but for the whole basketball team along with their coaches, also for the Double S team. It was a night of talent and performance from both the boys and the girls with a huge supporting team not only from the students and the faculty but from the parents who came out to support their talented kids. Good Job Might Macs!

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