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Military Chic Denim!

Military Chic Denim!

It’s time to tighten up your laces and put on your tough girl face on for this next trend.  This trend is camo jeans! This is a trend that I personally didn’t think was going to come back; however, by watching the runways and city style fashion, I was sadly mistaken. Camo jeans are probably the toughest trend of the fall season (literally).  The fashionista  must have a lot of edge to pull this look off.  You may want to wear camo jeans to give you an edgier look. To accomplish that, some items that you can pair with your fabulous camo jeans can include a faux leather motorcycle jacket, a pair of sneaker wedges or combat boots. You don’t want to wear camo jeans paired with a camo shirt, one or the other is the best route to take to give that edgy yet fashionable look for the fall season!


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