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Networking Networking Networking!!

In the fashion industry networking is extremely important!  If you know the right people you can fast track your career significantly.

How can you network?  It’s easy!  I suggest you do these three things!

1. Intern!  Internships are a great way to meet people in the industry.  Over the summer I interned with a designer in Philadelphia.  I feel that this opportunity has allowed me to expand my network of contacts.  I now am friends with the designer but I also got the opportunity to meet so many people in the industry.  I got to meet professionals at her place of work, her showroom, factories and any one who stopped by to visit.  One day during my internship a stylist from CBS stopped by to chat with her giving me the opportunity to meet her!



2.  Volunteer!  Any time you can volunteer to assist with a fashion event I say go for it!  I have volunteered to help run The Philadelphia Collection events for the past two years.  By volunteering I have met designers and other people in the PR field that may become useful contacts later in my career.  I personally I have not volunteered at the NY Fashion Week but I know people who have.  If you are lucky enough to volunteer, I think that Fashion Week is another great place to meet professionals who can help you later on, after college.



3.  Seize Opportunity!   Any opportunity that is presented to you, you should try to take.  I recently went on an overnight trip to

New York with my school to learn about the fashion industry in New York.  Many of my peers chose to opt out of the trip saying they could go to New York whenever they wanted.  But they missed out!  We accomplished so much on that two day trip; we visited

numerous showrooms, Tommy Hilfiger’s HQ and met extremely knowledgeable professionals.  While you can go to New York whenever you want, you will not be able to have the experience’s we had.  I am also going to be traveling to Paris in March with my school and we will be doing similar things there, meeting French fashion professionals and networking some more.  Any opportunity that comes your way you should take, be it a trip, an event, anything!  Sometimes these opportunities only come once, I wouldn’t want to miss out and regret not going.