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On and Off the Field

On and Off the Field

Tuesday, October, 29, was the boys’ soccer team’s last game of the season.  Whether the players had home games or away games, they always “dress for success” and were recognizable on campus.  On the field, they wore uniforms, and off the field, they dressed in a similar business-traditional theme.  The colors were conservative including, navy, khaki, brown, and gray.  All the players have a navy blazer, a button-down shirt, and a tie. Their wardrobe also includes items such as, dress pants, a belt, and dress shoes.


Even though they all looked similar, they accessorized their outfits differently.  Some guys wore ties with patterns, but others decided on solid ties.  The belts and shoes were all different shades and had different belt buckles or laces.  Some guys may wear a tie bar (a piece that holds the tie to the shirt).  Also, the soccer players changed their looks from one another by either buttoning the blazer or exposing the cuffs.


Dressing for success allows the team to be seen as more than just athletes.  It gives the team a sense of unity off the field as they get ready for their games.  Their various accessories can be compared to their individual talents, positions, and personalities and their similar look can be compared to their uniform and unity on the field.  Fashion, in the sense of soccer, serves more of a purpose than just looking good. They were looking good to play better!