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Painted Clothes

Painted Clothes

Body paint is something that has always been controversial in the fashion world. For those of you who don’t know what it is, body paint is a form over body covering that is placed over skin in the form of clothing. The painting on the body can take any form of texture. The controversy to this is that there is just bare skin under the paint which in an essence means the person is naked. However, the body is used as a human canvas and the clothing made from the colors is a work of art. This type of “clothing” is interesting to me because it is like using eye-shadow to add dimension to the eye. The painting of the bare skin adds dimension and interest in the field of fashion. Some of these painted clothes are even lifelike and don’t seem like paint.


  1. I have seen body painting before and it is amazing. Yes the person is naked but you cannot think of it that way. As we all know, fashion is an art form in its own. But body painting is as well. They just use paint as their medium and the body as their canvas. Its amazing that the artists can replicate any texture making the paint to look that much more realistic.

  2. I remember learning about this method in textiles. I remember being asked the question, "Do you think this will actually be available to the public or is it just a fad?" I ask myself the same question. Would anyone actually dare to try this method and step out of their home for an event or to simply go out to the mall? Although it is a great invention and very innovative, i doubt that it would become a true fashion trend. Most people believe they have body flaws and I am one of them. I would never try this just because of a self esteem issue. Therefore, I do not think there is a huge market nor demand for this product.