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Paul Blum to Exit Juicy Couture

Paul Blum to Exit Juicy Couture

Unfortunately, Paul Blum, CEO of Juicy Couture, has announced his departure from the company, which will be effective Jan. 31. To help focus on global expansion, Blum was brought in last December as CEO to take the lead. “It’s been a great year for me personally and professionally,” Blum told WWD. “It was a great experience working with Bill McComb and Fifth & Pacific, and taking over where LeAnn Nealz (former president and chief creative officer) really left off.”

Blum believes his biggest accomplishment throughout the past year were, capturing the global customer. Blum was also proud at the fact that he let the creative individual’s blossom and share their creative ideas in the process. Blum has a strong design background being though he’s worked with David Yurman, Juicy Couture, and Kenneth Cole and with that he wants to continue on developing, nurturing, and building brands.



Don’t worry ladies, Juicy Couture product are here to stay!Picture7