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Small Town vs. Big City

Small Town vs. Big City

Some of the stores I saw in NYC are also local, which got me thinking: how different are the displays in NYC from the ones in our area?  I chose to look at H&M for this.  H&M has stores all over the world and is extremely popular with young adults.

These two windows are from the H&M in the Exton Square Mall.  The first  is not very interesting.  The mannequins are all standing on the same level on a white floor in front of a white wall. And the graphic in the background is much too small for this large window.  The Second Exton Mall window is much better!  The children are standing on different lifts and have large kites to add interest to the display.  The background is covered better, with two large banners that more effectively set the scene.

These two H&M windows are from the 5th Avenue store in NYC.  I was surprised to see that the first one is not very different from the one in Exton.  It is a combination of the two previous ones–the adult mannequins stand on lifts in front of a large graphic.  Once again, the window is way too large for this display and the mannequins seem to drown among the white walls and floors.

The second window is much, much better.  The display takes up the whole window and the mannequins are not lost.  I love the different levels of platforms that they stand on!  I think this display should be the one they recreate in their stores, not the plain white one.