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Sports and Fashion: Male Fashionistos

Sports and Fashion: Male Fashionistos

In the past world of sports, men were not too fashionable, however, now that has all changed, especially for men athletes. The type of style male athletes would display on the red carpet would be the usual athletic look, wearing Nike, Puma, or Adidas sportswear with sneakers, sweat jackets, sweatpants, and hats displaying their endorsers logo.                                                  

In 2013, that has all changed. Male athletes today have taken the fashion industry by storm, by being one of the well-dressed celebrities on the red carpet. Male athletes like Dwight Howard, Amar’s Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, David Beckham, Mike Comrie, Cristiano Ronaldo, Russell Westbrook, and many more have played around with fashion, and these famous athletes are not the only ones who are embracing their style. In addition, the athletes here at Immaculata University are also showing off their style following their stylish athletic role models. On Wednesday, October two fashion students had a photo shoot with two of the boys from the basketball team Roy Ferrell (on left) and Mike Sturdivant (on right).

Roy Ferrell and Mike Sturdivant

Talking to these two basketball players, we learned that every Wednesday the basketball team dresses up in corporate, semi-casual outfits as part of a way for the boys to show the school that they are not just athletes, but also business men. This past Wednesday, they were allowed to dress a little more casual. The thing that the students admired about athletes is that not only are they able to look good while they play, but also look good when they dress to impress, and the some of the male athletes here at Immaculata University definitely display their sense of style and without disappointment. Hopefully, this is not a fad for men but a beginning for men to also become fashionistos.