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Stella Jean

Stella Jean

     In this past year there has been allot of designers that have started making a name for themselves in the industry. One in particular has made a name for herself, Stella Jean. Jean is a former model thatwas born in Rome with not only an Italian background but also Haitian roots. With her bold colors and prints, and bridging two cultures together you can see why this designers creations are flying off the shelves.

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        In her 2014 spring collection, show sixty-inspired pannier skirts along with loose fitting jackets which was also paired with a few masculine elements including trench coats in striped fabrics and canvas from Burkina.  Although most of her collections are predominately for women, Stella Jean also has showed a men’s fall 2014 collection.  Her men’s fall collection featured Alpine-inspired loden along with quilted down varsity jackets and woolen Montgomery coats with earthy/ natural colors. Some of the menswear was at times worn over sleeveless vests replacing the usual suit jacket or sometimes matched with a geometrically printed shirts and tampered pants.


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