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Student Spotlight; Chantel Morgan and Danielle Palmisano

Student Spotlight; Chantel Morgan and Danielle Palmisano

Congratulations to Chantel Morgan and Danielle Palmisano for being nominated to have their garments in the International Textile and Apparel Association competition!

The two Immaculata University Fashion students submitted pictures of their garments as well as why they choose to make that specific garment to the International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) competition, and both were selected to be a part of this well-known event. After being nominated, the ladies were invited to join in the event which was being held at The Sheraton Hotel on Canel Street in the beautiful city of New Orleans. The event was from October 15th to October 18th.  Both winners flew a plane down to New Orleans and stayed at The Sheraton Hotel where the conference and events were taking place. Once the ladies got settled, they both attended panels which discussed how to make garments, teach students, and get involved and stay motivated in the industry. On October 16th, the winners took part and in The Reception and Design Live Gallery which was where they watched their masterpiece garments walk down the runway.

Morgan’s purpose for her garment was the idea of reducing the waste from the leftover fabric after she cut out the pattern. This was inspired from the ‘Near Zero Waste’ jacket. The fabric she used was taken from a mill that produces recycled textiles. To create this jacket the fabric was draped and pined to a form to create the silhouette of the structured jacket. Then, the basic jacket was shaped and cut, and the leftover fabric from under the sleeve was used to drape the collar. The reverse side of the fabric was used to construct the under collar and the jacket cuff. To finish the jacket, the belt was flat patterned from the leftover material along the selvage edge.

Palmisano’s garment was called “Lost in Beauty” and was inspired from the artist Monet. She was stimulated by the beautiful gardens and Romantic Movement in his paintings. Her process included creating preliminary design sketches and then, choosing a final dress style. She, then, draped and created patterns. Palmisano, then, cut out all of her pieces of the satin fabric. She used two textile mediums while mixing paint. One was a medium which would thicken the paint and the other was a medium which made the acrylic paints suitable to use on the fabric. She, then, took an artist approach and just started to paint her fabric. She used the Monet dabbing technique to accomplish her design. She used colors such as hunter green, berry red, pastel yellow, orange, and ivy white to create the flower pedals. After her garment was finish being painted and sewn together, she had to create structure to support the bottom. She, then, decided to construct a basket of horsehair under loads of crinoline to give it the correct shape, which created the look she was aiming for.

During The Reception and Design Live Gallery, which featured both student’s garments and many others from across the world, both students were able to sit and watch the show. The show consisted of a great deal of different styles that ranged from garments with creative prints, recycled items, 3D forms, and garments with attached items such as fans. The designs were from professionals, graduates, and under graduates. Even though the IU students did not win any of the prizes, they both gained great experience being nominated and attending the International Textile Apparel and Association. Their time in New Orleans was educational and very well spent seeing and learning about the fashion industry.

At Immaculata University, we are very proud of both Chantel Morgan and Danielle Palmisano for being nominated to participate in such an extraordinary event in the fashion industry.

We applaud both of them!

Chante Morgan's garmentDanielle Palmisano