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The Story Behind the Clothing

The Story Behind the Clothing

The J. Peterman Company started when many people wanted to buy the coat off J. Peterman’s back.  He decided to make a small company and began to sell the coat worldwide after advertising in a couple magazines and newspapers.  Now, the company has grown to sell much more than just coats; it offers dresses, hats, skirts, sweaters, jewelry, pants, scarves, cologne, and shoes.

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The J. Peterman Company is very unique because each item has a title and story behind it.  Every garment is given special attention with an individual description, and this creates a better shopping experience for the customer.  The customer can like an item based on its look but may also connect to the story on an emotional level.  There is a magazine and an online website to view and order apparel.  The picture of the clothing is either the actual item or a sketch of it, but there are no models wearing the garments. There is a sizing chart and alternate color options.  A gift card for The J. Peterman Company could be a great gift for someone, and the company offers gift wrapping, too.

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