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Tips for Spring Cleaning!

Tips for Spring Cleaning!

The time is near and here to begin spring cleaning. Some of us may be dreading this occasion and others, like me, are super excited. Here are some tips for an easy spring cleaning sess!

Set The Mood:

The environment that you clean should be stress- free. Maybe, open the windows and let the spring sun shine through the windows. Listen to some of your favorite music, maybe make a playlist before and bring a bottle of water (because you will get a little tired) and some snacks to keep your energy up.

Split Up & Store:

 Now it’s time for you to figure out what it is exactly you want to clean-bedroom, closet, kitchen, or living space. Separate these items and arrange them to where you want them to go. Splitting up your items will help you manage where everything needs to go and what needs to be given to Good Will.

Yes or No?

 Now you should have some piles of items or clothing where you can decide exactly what to do with them. In this step you want to be pretty decisive, split one pile up and separate it from “Yes”  you are wearing this or “No” you will never wear this, or “Maybe” this may come in handy sometime -be careful of this, you don’t want too many “maybe’s” stored if they should be a “No”. Run through these piles twice to double check, especially the “maybe”, try to decide if they or a “yes” or “no’.

Time to Get it Together:

 Now that everything is split up what do you do? Get comfortable and start to organize your items. Fold your clothes neatly and purchase appropriate hangers for the items that will be hung in your closet. This also means to organize your clothing by relevance-put your winter coats in the back of your closet and show off your new sun dresses in the front.   If need be, take a trip to your local target or home goods and grab some shoe racks, dividers, and any other organizational or storage tools to keep your space looking neat and proper.

The” No” Pile:

 Now, what do you do with the “No” pile? There are many options. You first want to trash all the items that are badly used. Clothing, accessories, and shoes can be donated to stores like Good Will or The Salvation Army or you can try to make a profit from them by going to Plato’s closet. If you have younger siblings, family members or friends let them have fun dig through your unwanted items and see what interests them.

Fun Time:

 Now since the hard part is over, your closet may look pretty empty but that only means there is more room to go shopping for new items, or you can just go out to dinner with some friends and celebrate the accomplishment of Spring Cleaning! Just be sure to reward yourself afterwards, you deserve it!

But now since you have these steps, HAPPY SPRING CLEANING!!!