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Trend Alert: The Pink Coat

Trend Alert: The Pink Coat

The Pink Coat, 

From neon to light pink it’s this season must have item. During New York fashion week it was obvious that pink wasn’t going to be worn on just Wednesday’s anymore. The Pink coat found its way from the runway in the SS14 collections to street style, celebrities, and very well-known bloggers. Below are places where you can purchase this latest and fashionable trend, The Pink Coat.

1. Romwe: Double-breasted Skirt Hem Design Pink Trench-Coat $57.99


2.  Zara: Short Wool Jacket with Hood $119.00

Zara Short Wool jacket Hood 119.00

3. TopShop: Notch Neck Throw On Coat $150.00

Topshop 150

4. Topshop: Tailored Lightweight Coat $150.00

topshop lightweight 150

5. TopShop: Crepe North  Front Jacket $110.00

Topshop 110.00

6. TopShop: Boxy leather Biker Jacket $370.00

Topshop 370.00

7. Macy’s: Betsy Johnson Double-Breasted Corset-Back Trench Coat $154.99


8. Urban Outfitters: Coincidence & Chance Cutest Rain Slicker Jacket $79.99


9. American Apparel: Unisex California Fleexe Zip Jogger $40.00


10.  Nordstrom: Mural Open Front Trench Coat &98.00