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Trends in Ties

Trends in Ties

Ladies, did you ever hope certain men would learn how to dress? Or men, did you ever want someone to just give you fashion tips? Well while working at my internship, a new shipment of fall ties was delivered.  My job was labeling the ties based on their design and elegance.  Seeing all the different colors and patterns made me realize just how important ties truly are.  A tie is the first thing someone notices because of its texture or color that it adds, but it should complement the outfit rather than clashing with it.  It pulls everything together whether you are going to work or out to an event.

There are many detials that go along with ties that people may not even think about.  The tip of the tie should be at the beltline, and the width should be between 2.25 and 3.25 inches.  The knot should be triangular but not too big or too small.  If you want to include a tie bar, it should be between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt and should hold both parts of the tie to the placket of the shirt.  Also the tie bar should never be wider than the actual tie.  Another piece of advice is to wear a pattern tie with a solid shirt and a solid tie with a patterned shirt. This will give you a good balance so you will neither look too busy nor too plain.  Right now, the bowtie and the black silk knit tie are seen as “cool” and “hip”.

The above image shows the staples that every man should own.  From the left, the wool tie is worn during winter with heavier suits.  The solid black tie is a classic that can be worn for various occasions, and the pin-dot tie adds some pizzazz but is more subtle than polka dots.  The tie with repeating logo shows a sense of style with sophistication, and the repp tie on the end portryas an intelligent business look.

  To add to all that information, there are alternatives to the normal way of wearing a tie.  As shown in the top image, the “twist” is when the skinny part is alongside the wider part.  The middle picture shows how the skinny part can be longer than the wider part, and the bottom picture shows the tie tucked in between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt.  Hearing all the variations of wearing a tie leads me to the conclusion that men’s fashion can be just as exciting and fun as the other segments of the industry.