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Walking on Sunshine Items

Walking on Sunshine Items

Hey guys! Though this didn’t count towards my internship hours, I was able to find the time to work on the charity fashion show’s marketing items (poster, invitations, tickets). I hope those of you in the fashion show production class like them! :) If you are interested in seeing them again, I just put them on a little layout here…

They were fun, a bit frustrating at times, but still fun. Polly and I worked through the ideas well, like the main one about making a sun out of the cute kids’ handprints! A great theme indeed. I made all of these in Illustrator. I chose a cute, fun font that would go with the theme of children since the proceeds are going towards St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! The colors are warm tones of yellow and orange (though the tickets are printed in b/w).

The biggest disappointment for me were the invitations. I hadn’t realized that when I saved them as .jpg that the size decreased…and when they were printed out, everything was really tiny, poor-quality, and hard to read! I’m so sorry about that! I wish I realized it sooner, but hopefully the people getting them will still be able to read the information lol. The 9 in “April 19th” looks a bit like an 8 at times…

Uh, so yeah! Enjoy! 😀 Glad they’re going towards a wonderful production! Good luck to those participating in it!