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Wearable Technology!

On the latest episode of Rihanna’s new hit show ‘Styled to Rock”, the contestants were asked to create wearable technology using LED lights and they did not disappoint! The task was to create two cohesive outfits to be worn by electronic fashionistas, the Nervo sisters (Mim & Liv), who are known to be very looked up to for their fashion in the electronic music world. The must difficult part of this task for most of the designers were trying to make function and fashion meet, because who wants to wear a great outfit that is uncomfortable, when they could wear a great outfit that has a tremendous amount of comfort to it. Autumn and Adam reigned supreme on this team challenge and had the honor of creating outfits for the well-established dj duo in the electronic movement.




Nervo3 Nervo2


The Nervo Sisters


Nervo1 Nervo


The winning looks