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Young Hollywood

Young Hollywood

It is no surprise that when it comes to Hollywood there are some stars that have fallen off the rails at times, but the question is that with the craziness of Hollywood and access to money and fame, can the young Hollywood handle it?

Lately, there have been reports of young Hollywood stars secretly going to rehab and seeking help for their addictions and their mental health, and what’s shocking are the stars that stepped forward who some would never expect to be the ones to enter rehab. Recently, Selena Gomez has stated that last month she spent two weeks in a rehab facility, not for any addiction but for her health and getting over Justin Bieber. Other young stars that had entered rehab facilities were Zac Efron, Demi Lavato, and Amanda Bynes.

Though there are some who are sadden by these revelations and are questioning the cause for this unscrupulous trend all that really matters is that these young stars are seeking the help they need and by checking themselves into these facilities, are continuing to show what role models they are to others that are around their age. Although, the question that everyone is asking, can young Hollywood handle it? Working long hours and giving up a normal life and friends to just be in the spotlight, is Hollywood really worth it? That is the question being asked. However is worth it not going after your dreams and doing something with your life that you don’t love to do? That’s the question that is not being asked, because realistically that is their job and they can quit whenever they please, it is not like there is someone forcing these young stars to be actors and actress and performers it is there choice by the end of the day.

However, when fame gets too heavy they have a choice to walk away from it, but as long as they are seeking the treatment they need to make themselves healthy and live a better life that is all that matters, right? Though there some people who believe they brought it upon themselves, being an addict or having to go to rehab treatment. No one chooses to be an addict or chooses to live an unhealthy life; it is just the pressure of the lime light and the certain people they surround themselves with. However, young Hollywood can handle the spot light it is just in the matter of whom you surround yourself with and how you display yourself in the public eye. Although these young stars did fall off the rails they were able to get right back by doing the responsible thing and finding help and surrounding themselves with a good support system. So, kudos to those stars that were able to find help, we only hope that others in Hollywood will do the same.